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Welcome to the Web site of Public PrePaid, Inc. 

Public Prepaid™ offers a variety of prepaid debit-card programs and related services for corporations, employers, merchants and individuals.  Public PrePaid™ offers unique, low cost Stored Value Card programs including debit cards and services to the banked and unbanked.  These programs are available to corporations through web based payroll deduction arrangements, to individuals through over the counter merchant distribution networks and unattended financial services kiosks providing prepaid debit card distribution and check cashing for 24 hour convenience stores and gas stations. 

The following sections describe Public PrePaid’s novel programs:

PrePaid Cards

For employers, Public PrePaid’s payroll debit card provides a convenient way to distribute funds to employees worldwide through payroll deduction.  Payroll deductions come to employees as funds loaded onto their Public PrePaid™ debit cards, which can then be used worldwide for purchases and ATM withdrawals.  This convenient method of funds distribution avoids expensive money-transfer fees and commercial check-cashing fees.

For banked and unbanked individuals, Public PrePaid’s kiosk card program provides a convenient way to obtain and add funds to a Public PrePaid™ debit card.  Using the unique PubliCash™ financial service kiosks, banked and unbanked individuals may purchase prepaid cards, add funds to cards, withdraw cash, and obtain other international financial services.

For merchants, Public PrePaid™ has a suite of stored value card products including prepaid debit cards, gift cards, long distance phone and cellular phone cards, check cashing, Check 21 clearing, POS sales and 90 days same as cash consumer retail programs.

For Direct Marketing Companies this is the ultimate solution for delivering accounts payable 1099 commissions to non employee sales representatives, National or International. Immediate pay and nothing is lost in the mail. No payroll service company needed, in house commission department access to secure web browser for funds transfer.

For more information on Public PrePaid™ debit cards email us at .

Unattended Kiosks

For convenience stores, gas stations, shopping malls, casinos, and other public service outlets, Public PrePaid provides the PubliCash™ Unattended Financial Service Kiosk.  This state-of-the-art device provides merchants, banked and unbanked individuals a way to perform a variety of financial services:

-         Purchase, activate and load a Public PrePaid™ debit card

-         Make balance inquiries and standard ATM functions

-         Purchase, activate and load a second Public PrePaid™ debit card

-         Transfer funds between Public PrePaid™ debit cards

-         Purchase Prepaid Gift Cards

-         Money Transfer funds internationally to Mexico and Latin America

-         Purchase prepaid long distance telephone reload PIN’s

-         Purchase prepaid cellular telephone reload PIN’s

-         Pay utility bills

-         Cash checks and apply the value to a Public PrePaid™ debit card

-         32” Merchant Information and  Third Party Advertising screen

As a Co-Brander and distributor for Kiosk manufacturers, Public PrePaid™ provides a turnkey Kiosk implementation and management program, including installation, training, customization, maintenance, and card processing/check cashing services. 

For more information on unattended financial services kiosks email us at .

Kiosk Financing

To finance large installations of kiosks (for example for a chain of convenience stores), Public PrePaid™ can provide its unique Merchant Free Placement  Program under which location owners share the revenue from the machine without paying the up-front cost of purchasing equipment. 

Investors who are interested in financing the lease and operation of kiosks to major corporations worldwide should contact Public PrePaid™ Investor Relations and ask about the unique investment program “PubliCash™”. 

For more information on Public PrePaid’s financial programs, email us at

Company Background

Public PrePaid™ started business in September 2005, initially offering prepaid debit card programs to international companies who had the need to distribute funds to overseas-based employees.  To enhance this service, the company entered into alliances with International Banks, Networks, Processors, Manufacturers and Third Party Service Providers in 2006:

Through these alliances, Public PrePaid™ can provide a turnkey implementation for its prepaid debit card programs and its kiosk distribution programs.

Public PrePaid’s employees, directors and consultants are international experts in the card processing industry and in the financing of information systems through private investment opportunities. 

Public PrePaid, Inc

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